Whitby Esk Energy starts exporting electricity

Following commissioning on the 12th December, the Whitby Esk Energy community hydroelectric turbine has started generating and exporting to the National Grid.  Testing of the turbine will continue over the next month or so.

Now that construction has finished, work has started to improve the look of the site. Tree planting was begun at the beginning of December but due to the amount of rain recently the remainder of the trees will be put in when the ground conditions improve. Also when the weather conditions are right the turbine and control kiosks will be painted a matt dark brown.

The Esk Energy management team would like to thank everyone who has helped realise the vision of generating ‘green’ electricity from the River Esk.
Please note that the contact phone no. for Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited is now
Tel: 0741 0549 833.
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