The Team

Company Directors

cm1 Colin Mather is Chair of Esk Energy. He has headed the team driving forward this project and other Energy related projects in the Esk Valley. Colin is a retired Civil Engineer who has many years experience of the management and construction of civil engineering projects.
Mike-Ford Mike Ford is an electrical engineer and working with the Environment Agency and the main contractor has been instrumental in engineering an efficient scheme, maximising the output of the project. Mike has also worked closely with Northern Powergrid assisting local people in getting generating equipment grid connected.
ss5 Sarah Stead is an architect with her own Whitby based practice, Studio Stead. When Sarah joined the group she brought a new dynamic to the organisation with her graphic design skills.
David Curtis David Curtis was elected as a Director at the 2018 AGM. David brings his experience of working as a Director in an engineering firm to the company to help provide a strategic lead. He lives in Castle Donington, Derby and therefore brings the perspective of a being shareholder from further afield than the Esk Valley/Whitby area.
Rory Newman Rory Newman was co-opted as a Director at the strategic management meeting held on 22nd November 2018.  Following retirement from being a GP in Sleights, he has proved a useful member of our operations team and is co-ordinating our Friends of Ruswarp Hydro working parties.

Operations Team

Debbie Trebilco Debbie Trebilco is a volunteer who has developed the business plan and funding for the scheme. Debbie has a background in Industry and was a Senior Manager with ICI.
Caryn Loftus Caryn Loftus works as a trainer and eductional adviser. Caryn and her husband Mike run their own company, Summations Ltd. which assists those with a project idea to carry it through to fruition. Caryn is now putting her skills to good use as Secretary for Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited.
Mike Loftus Mike Loftus is an accountant who provides financial management support for a range of organisations. Mike developed the business plan for the Whitby Esk Energy project and is the Treasurer for Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited.
Stephen Larkin Stephen Larkin is an associate lecturer with the Open University tutoring on science and environmental modules currently including Energy and Sustainability. He has recently worked on the Esk Energy response to relevant consultations.
Dave Moore Dave Moore is a retired electronic instrument design engineer with lots of experience as a field engineer in the security and communications fields with a passion for recycling and energy conservation.
Peter Backhouse Peter Backhouse brings 50 years of experience in electronic/electrical/mechanical engineering to help undertake the weekly site visits.
Mike Barnard Mike Barnard has 40 years of experience of operating/maintaining/repairing diesel and gas turbine driven generators. Now he is using his experience of their electrical and hydraulic systems to help undertake the weekly site visits.
Piers Elias Piers Elias works as a statistician. He has a keen interest in renewable energy and enjoys visiting site to help maintain the site.

Development Team

The Development Team (up to commissioning) consisted of Andrew Maisey, Caryn Loftus, Colin Mather, Debbie Trebilco, Geoff Banner, Mike Ford, Mike Gilbert, Mike Loftus, Peter Jones, Sarah Stead, Stephen Larkin and Steve Smith. Many thanks to Geoff Banner, Mike Gilbert, Peter Jones and Steve Smith who helped during the development stage of the project but due to personal circumstances are not able to be involved in the project following commissioning and to Andrew Maisey who has retired as a Director to pursue other interests.