Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited are grateful for the support from our funders: North York Moors National Park Authority Sustainable Development Fund, North Yorkshire County Council Community Fund, CO2Sense, Key Fund and Naturesave Trust.  The company has also received support from the Co-operative Enterprise Hub with marketing.

Support from the North York Moors National Park Authority

The National Park Authority have supported the principle of the Esk hydro turbine since the idea was first developed via the Community Renewable Energy Project. Financial assistance has been given with grants from the (then) Sustainable Development Fund and lastly with a loan of up to £210k, (of which £180k was utilised) from core Authority funding that, together with other funds raised by Esk Energy allowed the project to go ahead with the scheme. The loan was formally approved by the NPA Board in June 2010 and is repayable over a 12 year term. Repayments have been on track.

As well as providing finance, the Authority has supported the five year fish monitoring programme designed to see if the turbine was having any significant effect on fish passage. This involved convening meetings between the NP, Esk Energy, YERT and the EA with others attending as needed. The study, which was nationally recognised did not show any significant change to fish passage. Though the liaison meetings have now ceased, they could be resumed if needed.

Michael Graham, Director of Park Services, August 2020

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