New record generation in a calendar year

Our 2023 generation set a new record for a calendar year at 142 MWh.  Although we lost two weeks of generation following the bottom bearing failure in January we exceeded our previous record set for the year 2016 by about 12%.
Rainfall for the year in the Esk Catchment (as recorded at Westerdale) was the 7th highest in our 11 years of operation. It was above average but not exceptional.  An absence of rain and low river levels mean we cannot generate but we are also affected by heavy rain.  When the river is in spate the level below the weir rises, reducing head and generation.  It seems that 2023 rainfall was about right for much of the time.

Back Online!

After 2 weeks of downtime and 5 days onsite the turbine is back generating again. Woohoo!

We expected 10 days of downtime and 2 days onsite for repairs but we were delayed by leaking stop logs and awkward access for lifting.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with this repair.

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