Information for Shareholders

Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited has over 100 shareholders, providing funds of over £160,000 towards the project.  Over a third of the shareholders are from the Whitby area providing nearly half of the funds.  The remainder of shareholders are not only from North Yorkshire but around the country.

The Whitby Esk Energy Prospectus rev B Aug 2012 detailed and contained an invitation to invest in shares in Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited.  The current prospectus replaces the initial prospectus and Whitby Esk Energy Prospectus rev A Dec 2011 which provided information about the project between July 2011 – July 2012.

The share issue closed on 31st October 2012.

Download the Whitby Esk Energy Prospectus
  • Advanced notice of AGM 2019

    Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited will be holding its AGM on the afternoon of Thursday 5th September 2019.  Formal notice of the AGM will be sent out to shareholders in July/August along with a summer update on the project.

  • Welcome to our co-opted Director

    Rory Newman was co-opted as a Director at the strategic management meeting held on 22nd November 2018.  Following retirement from being a GP in Sleights, he has proved a useful member of our operations team and is co-ordinating our Friends of Ruswarp Hydro working parties.

    Clearing leaves
    Rory busy clearing leaves
  • AGM and tour of the site

    AGM and tour of the site

    The AGM was held on Saturday 6th September at 2pm in Ruswarp Village Hall.  This was followed by a tour of the turbine site where shareholders were joined by members of the public, including a group from Pickering Civic Society. 

     Tour of Ruswarp site 060914

  • Open afternoon – 6th September 2014

    We will be having an open afternoon on Saturday 6th September 2014, between 3 and 5pm, following our AGM.
    Further details nearer the time. In the meantime if you have any queries contact us on tel. 0741 0549 833.

  • Last chance to buy shares in current share issue

    As we expect to be exporting electricity from November, the Directors have decided to close the current share issue on Wednesday 31st October.  This will be your last chance to buy shares or increase your shareholding under the terms outlined in the current prospectus.  Any future share issues will have less favourable terms as there will be less risk involved once we are generating.

    Once we have been trading for four months we will be applying for the share issue to be part of the Enterprise Investment Scheme, which means that if you’ve invested £500 or more in any tax year you would be eligible for 30% tax relief on the cost of your shares.

  • Improving the look of the site

    Having spoken with local residents, the Directors have decided to investigate painting the turbine kiosks dark brown and put in planting and screening on the river side of the main kiosk.

    Help is needed to plant trees on site on Saturday 1st December (following Saturday if weather not suitable).  If you would like to join the tree planting group, email Caryn,  or phone 01642 723137, so that she can update you on arrangements and plan for refreshments after in the Bridge Inn.

  • Visual impact of the kiosk

    Last week the turbine kiosk was installed.  Like the local residents, the Directors of Esk Energy are concerned about the visual impact of the kiosk. 

    Plans were already in place to plant trees and shrubs once the contractor had finished.  However, the Directors are aware that further work will need to be done to improve the view of the site.   Therefore, they are actively exploring different options.

    The Directors will consult with local people in the near future with regards to the feasible options identified.
  • Update on project – August 2012

    The last few months have been busy – liaising with the contractor on site, arranging the grid connection and agreeing the fish monitoring programme with the Environment Agency, National Park Authority and the River Esk Action Committee.

    If you have been following the progress of the construction through our website you will know that the upgrading of the fish pass has been completed.  Work has now started on preparing the site for the arrival of the Archimedes screw turbine.  Once we know the date for the arrival of the turbine on site we will let you know; it is likely to be a sight worth seeing.

    A primary objective of the Ruswarp hydropower installation has always been to support community carbon reduction in the Esk Valley (producing “green energy” and investing in further carbon reducing projects and education schemes).  However, as shareholders, the Directors of Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited would like to inform you of an issue that has arisen which may affect the financial return on the project.  This means the target share interest will now be 3% from year 6 and 5% from year 9.

    We had previously anticipated average generation of 190,000 kWh per year but we now understand that it is likely to be in the region of 160,000 kWh per year.  The reasons for this change concern flow rate figures on the project.

    The need to maintain flow rates over the fish passes, determined by the Environment Agency, is vital in preventing deterioration in ecological habitats.  A misunderstanding between parties involved in the project on the flow rate figures has directly affected the forecasted generation.

    The contractor is working with us to find ways to minimise the impact of these changes in flow rate on the projected financial return and we should be in a position to present our revised financial plan at Esk Energy’s AGM on the 8th September.

    Details of the AGM will follow in the next few weeks.

    Thank you for your continued support in the project.

  • Update on project – April 2012

    Whilst there is nothing showing on site yet plenty has been going on in the background.

    Many thanks to Mike Ford who is liaising with the contractor Bentley’s, as project manager, on behalf of Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited. The relationship with Bentley’s is going well and they are keeping us informed at every stage.

    With any project the unexpected crops up. Currently we are looking at the power connection with the national grid. This may lead to costs that had not been anticipated due to changes in rules on work undertaken near railway lines. Fortunately we have a contingency built into our budget but there may be delays to the planned schedule.