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300MWh reached

We have generated over 300MWh since we were commissioned on the 12th December 2012, saving over 160Te of carbon. Visit our pages in the Generating section to see the ups and downs of generating using the water from River Esk.      

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Buying electricity from Ruswarp Hydro

We have often been asked if you can buy the electricity we generate. Co-operative Energy, the energy supplier which buys our electricity, has set up a scheme called User Chooser. User Chooser allows you to indicate your preference in relation to the electricity generation types against which you would like your electricity consumption to be […]

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Generation in 2013

During 2013 we exported 76,000 kWh of electricity to the National Grid.  This was less than the average we would expect due to waiting for a replacement part in February and the exceptionally dry summer.    With all the recent rain, we have been generating nearly continuously since the start of this year.

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Kiosks painted

Spring Update 2013

The weather has finally warmed up enough so that the main kiosks could be painted a matt dark brown.  Comments have so far been favourable with regards to the colour change.  The trees that have been planted are now showing signs of growth and the contractors will shortly be sowing grass seed.   Our weather […]

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Whitby Esk Energy starts exporting electricity

Following commissioning on the 12th December, the Whitby Esk Energy community hydroelectric turbine has started generating and exporting to the National Grid.  Testing of the turbine will continue over the next month or so. Now that construction has finished, work has started to improve the look of the site. Tree planting was begun at the […]

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