The Whitby Esk Energy – Ruswarp Hydro

a community-owned 50kW Archimedes screw hydroelectric turbine on the River Esk at Ruswarp, near Whitby, North Yorkshire
Whitby Esk Energy is a member

a member of

The scheme is run by volunteers through Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited, a registered society.  Our main aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of the Esk Valley through generating renewable electricity. Learn – Share – Educate

Friends of Ruswarp working party – 3rd April

We will be holding a working party on Wednesday 3rd April on site, starting at 2pm for an hour or so. It would be great to have help with painting concrete, small maintenance jobs on the equipment or managing the planting.

Let us know if you are able to join us by emailing or phoning 07410 549833, in case we need to change plans due to weather.

Smart Export Guarantee consultation

In January the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy published  A consultation on a Smart Export Guarantee.  After the Feed-In Tariffs consultation last year the Government ignored our views and similar responses from others. The new proposals go some way to mitigate the ending of Feed-in Tariff and the associated very unfair ending of export payments. 

Members of the Esk Energy team feel that the possibility of zero payments per kWh under the new scheme and the immediate necessity of having smart meters that can measure both exports and imports from the start are concerns.  We have submitted our views and hope that they will help in developing a workable scheme that will allow community energy groups, schools and individual householders to continue to help with generating renewable energy and reducing the impacts of climate change.

Welcome to our co-opted Director

Rory Newman was co-opted as a Director at the strategic management meeting held on 22nd November 2018.  Following retirement from being a GP in Sleights, he has proved a useful member of our operations team and is co-ordinating our Friends of Ruswarp Hydro working parties.

Clearing leaves
Rory busy clearing leaves