Community Hydro Forum

The Community Hydro Forum is an informal collective of people, with a desire to expedite community renewable energy projects, learning from previous project experience, passing on practical advice, technical expertise through working together. This informal network was set up 2 years ago to assist community groups looking to start hydro projects, to access useful information and share knowledge between groups working towards a common goal. Both commercial and community projects have the same barriers, hurdles and aims, however, commercial projects have the benefit of doing this multiple times. This gives them the advantage of:

  • Negotiating with regulators;
  • Steering round common pitfalls;
  • Getting the project done more effectively;
  • Having the right contacts, experience and know how;
  • Potential document frameworks.
Community Hydro Group visit to Ruswarp 2013

Community Hydro Group visit to Ruswarp 2013

The community hydro forum wants groups to share their collective knowledge to bring the advantages listed above, to communities undertaking hydro projects. To date the Community Hydro Forum has held 3 workshops and has offered practical assistance to groups through shared knowledge, signposting and a support network.

To find out about the community hydro peer mentoring project click here.

To join the network contact Kate Gilmartin by email or phone 07763 756549.