The Whitby Esk Energy – Ruswarp Hydro

a community-owned 50kW Archimedes screw hydroelectric turbine on the River Esk at Ruswarp, near Whitby, North Yorkshire
Whitby Esk Energy is a member

a member of

The scheme is run by volunteers through Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited, a registered society.  Our main aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of the Esk Valley through generating renewable electricity. Learn – Share – Educate

Feed-In-Tariffs consultation

Members of the Esk Energy team feel that the proposed ending of the FIT generation tariff and the export tariff would be a disaster for community energy groups and for schools and householders who want to do their bit to help in the fight against climate change. The ending of the export tariff would be grossly unfair. Government policy in other areas such as transformation of road transport to low carbon energy will be severely impacted. We sincerely hope that BEIS will act on our views and those of others who will be responding to the Government’s Feed-In Tariffs consultation.


Friends of Ruswarp Hydro working party – 6th July

Come and help us for a couple of hours on site on the morning of Friday 6th July to get the site ready for the open afternoon. We will be undertaking a variety of site tidying tasks including cutting back vegetation and clearing himalyan balsam. Meet at the railway crossing gate at 11.00 am.

Please let us know if you are able to join us, by emailing admin@whitbyeskenergy.org.uk or phoning 07410 549833, in case we need to change plans due to weather.