The Whitby Esk Energy – Ruswarp Hydro

a community-owned 50kW Archimedes screw hydroelectric turbine on the River Esk at Ruswarp, near Whitby, North Yorkshire
Whitby Esk Energy is a member

a member of

The scheme is run by volunteers through Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited, a registered society.  Our main aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of the Esk Valley through generating renewable electricity. Learn – Share – Educate

Last chance to buy shares in current share issue

As we expect to be exporting electricity from November, the Directors have decided to close the current share issue on Wednesday 31st October.  This will be your last chance to buy shares or increase your shareholding under the terms outlined in the current prospectus.  Any future share issues will have less favourable terms as there will be less risk involved once we are generating.

Once we have been trading for four months we will be applying for the share issue to be part of the Enterprise Investment Scheme, which means that if you’ve invested £500 or more in any tax year you would be eligible for 30% tax relief on the cost of your shares.

Improving the look of the site

Having spoken with local residents, the Directors have decided to investigate painting the turbine kiosks dark brown and put in planting and screening on the river side of the main kiosk.

Help is needed to plant trees on site on Saturday 1st December (following Saturday if weather not suitable).  If you would like to join the tree planting group, email Caryn,  or phone 01642 723137, so that she can update you on arrangements and plan for refreshments after in the Bridge Inn.

Commissioning the turbine

We are very close to commissioning the turbine now.  If there are no more glitches, commissioning and testing should be completed by the 31st October. Fingers crossed all goes to plan now we are so near the end of the construction phase.

The children of Ruswarp Primary School are helping us name the turbine.  Once we have commissioned the turbine we will confirm a date for you to join us at a naming ceremony in November.