LiveView Change Log

V2.08 7 September 2019

  • Fixed bug where alarms did not clear without a page refresh
  • Improved G59 Alarm & Info text to reflect the alarm needs resetting on the HMI
  • Removed Tide Info text if the tide is less than 2m (as it has no effect)


LiveView is normally accessed from the Live View page but it can be accessed full screen from here.

Diagnostic commands can be passed via the command line:

  • diagnostics=[1-4] Opens a diagnostics messages window. 1=all, 4 (default) = errors only
  • showallalarms=[on, off, toggle] Shows all alarm messages possible, or no messages or toggles them on and off every 30 seconds.


  • If you can’t see the latest version on the Live View page you need to clear your browser cache. Most desktop browsers respond to ctrl-shift-r. Android Chrome needs settings->advanced-privacy->clear browsing data (ensure you only check clear cached images and files or you will lose login details to other sites)
  • The information can be up to 2 minutes old as the data logger is on a 1 minute cycle and the LiveView internal refresh is about 30 seconds.