The turbine

The energy will be produced at Ruswarp weir by the installation of an Archimedes screw, driving an electric generator with a 50kw capacity.

5-screw4s photomontage_of_the_proposal
An example of an
Archimedes screw at
JCB Academy in
Rocester (photo credit)
Photomontage of the proposal (the pale
blue in the centre of the photograph is
the representation of the turbine)

Click here to see how an Archimedes screw turbine works.


An independent study of flows at the site estimated that approximately 160,000 kilowatt hours of electricity will be produced, equivalent to the electricity needs of about 45 houses, reducing carbon emissions by about 70 tonnes per year and with a value of £40,000 per year, indexed linked.

Site Plan

Site plan – click on image for larger version