The Whitby Esk Energy project -
a 50kW Archimedes screw hydroelectric power turbine
on the River Esk at Ruswarp, nr Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Community Energy Fortnight banner

Visiting the site

We now have an interpretation board in place on site and also a new hatch so that visitors to site can see the Archimedes screw turning whilst we are generating.  Thank you to North Yorkshire County Council for funding these.

 Whitby Esk Energy interpretation board

If you would like to arrange for a group to visit site please get in touch by email or phone 0741 0549 833.

Peer mentoring

Kate Gilmartin, of My Green Investment CIC, has successfully applied for funding from the Cabinet Office Centre for Social Action to run a peer mentoring project for community hydro groups.  Esk Energy (Yorkshire) Limited has been a member of the Community Hydro Forum since it started.  Kate has asked Esk Energy to help mentor other community hydro groups based on the experience we have gained from the Whitby Esk Energy project. 

The funding will support the further development of the community hydro forum, the running of four sessions for community hydro groups and the sharing of the lessons learnt and knowledge gained by the Esk Energy team.

Working with Teesside University

We are delighted to be working with Jessica Watson, a 3rd year undergraduate civil engineering student from Teesside University.  As part of her degree she is developing a mathematical model of the turbine.

Working with Teesside University